Training and Coaching

Endurance Training

Our team of sports medicine specialists is dedicated to helping athletes of all abilities succeed in meeting their health and performance goals. We have created an integrated, athlete-focused approach to assessing and monitoring athletic performance and in the treating and preventing of injury. We specialize in working with runners, cyclists and triathletes, but we can also work with you to design a training session specific to your performance needs.

Customized Cycling/Interval Workouts

Get an extra advantage of knowing the course before racing with our custom course design on the Computrainer. Race against a friend (we have two trainers). Enjoy breathtaking descents and steep climbs with our Tacx Real Life Video. Cycle Alpe-d’Huez and Col du Telegraphe. The interval programs are specifically suited to fit your individual training needs. These sessions include precisely measured intervals that match your sport, event and current level of conditioning. The appropriate intensity and duration of the intervals are determined by the results of the lactate test.

  • Per session
  • Monthly Computrainer Membership


Endurance Sport Coaching

Our Endurance Coaching programs are based on proven methods using heart rate, pace and wattage if available. There are many attributes that must be developed to reach your potential as an athlete. We work on every aspect and concentrate on making you the most efficient and strongest athlete you can be. We help you set achievable short and long terms goals in order to keep you focused and motivated while allowing us to set out an appropriate training plan. Each coaching program includes e-mail and phone contact.

  • INITIAL VISIT ONE SPORT (one LT Test, season and race goal and target setting, training program)
  • INITIAL VISIT TWO SPORT (two LT Tests, season and race goal and target setting, training program)
  • BASIC (Detailed training program, one monthly contact)
  • EXTENDED (Detailed training program, weekly contact)

For information about any of our training or coaching programs, please call the UF Health Fitness and Wellness Center at 352-733-0834.

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