Clin Coord ATC Peer Review

Clin Coord ATC Peer Input

  • Select the name of the Clinical Coordinator you are reviewing.
    Orients new team members, meets regulatory requirements and documents orientation; assesses individual practitioner clinical competency & assures that departmental care standards are upheld ;coordinates staff resource utilization for patient treatment in the assigned cost center and at multiple sites across the rehab network; initiates timely communication regarding cost center(s) operations; represents and actively participates on behalf of the cost center(s);periodically meets with physicians/referral sources and others to assess cost center(s) performance related to delivery of patient service; coaches staff regarding performance strength’s and weaknesses; oversees and completes all aspects of performance management for assigned support and clinical staff ; participates in staff interview and selection process; oversees the collection and input of productivity data for the cost center.
    Acquires appropriate historical information; evaluates/re-evaluates client/patients’ status; develop intervention plans and implement’s reassesses and modify plans; follow department protocols, procedures, and age specific competencies. ;provides supervision and delegates appropriately to support staff in accordance with DPR ,national and professional standards of care; develops and implements discharge plans in a timely fashion; educates patients/family/care providers with both written and verbal communication; client/patient care is provided timely, high quality, cost effectively without duplication of services ; documents treatment so medical record is accurate, timely, thorough and meets department policy and procedure, third party payer requirements, and regulatory agency requirements ; clinical practice complies with professional association guidelines and standards of care.
    Assures that the client/clinical services of the cost center are provided in a timely fashion with acceptable quality ; individual and team statistical productivity profiles and trends are consistent and competitive when compared to established guidelines: operational responsibilities and projects are accomplished on schedule; works with Manager/Clinical Coordinators to identify, develop, monitor and report quality/satisfaction activities and findings; works with the Manager/Clinical Coordinator to develop/accomplish organization and personal performance goals; payments/charges for all members of the team submitted are accurate, timely and appropriate; and facilitate optimal reimbursement for services rendered; promotes and markets the clinical services of the cost center, facility and rehab network; oversees cost effective utilization of equipment and supplies by all team members.
    Actively participates in student classroom teaching and /or on site student clinical education. Assists the manager to coordinate the department student clinical education program.Assist with student assignments and orientation to the cost center. Periodically interacts with Academic Program Coordinator for Student Education; provides quality student education and meets standards set forth by the guidelines of the department and the affiliated educational programs; identifies educational needs of staff; assists with scheduling speakers and actively participates in departmental training and educational activities that support cost center/department /facility educational needs; participates in community training and educational activities; sought out by other staff for advice/input on improving their clinical education skills.
    Meets state/national/professional standards to maintain license/certification; presents educational programs to colleagues; remains current in knowledge of professional standards, guidelines and practice issues; identifies professional goals and opportunities;makes progress towards achieving goals.
    Treats all customers with dignity, respect and a welcoming attitude; treats patients and their families with compassion and empathy; makes self accessible to customers to provide prompt assistance when needed; keeps promises and commitments to customers; develops solutions that address customers’ key priorities; uses skills appropriate to the customer's age, developmental level, socioeconomic status, and cultural background; shows ownership by taking action to ensure customer needs are met, including patient/customer transition to the next point of contact.
    Helps and supports others in their efforts to solve customer problems and accomplish UF Health’ goals, including patient/customer transition to next point of contact; listens and communicates appropriately to the concerns of the team; shares information and own expertise with others to help them accomplish group goals; gives credit and recognition to others who have contributed to the team; supports and acts in accordance with final group decisions even when such decisions may not entirely reflect one’s own position.
    Sees change as an opportunity rather than a problem; demonstrates a willingness to learn new methods, procedures and techniques resulting from departmental or organization-wide change; responds to change in a positive and supportive way and communicates positively about changes with co-workers; demonstrates a willingness to modify a strongly held position in the face of contrary evidence; thinks clearly and makes good decisions under conditions of ambiguity and uncertainty.
    Communicates to appropriate parties immediately upon discovery of potential problems, ensures “no surprises”; identifies priority or key issues in a complex problem or situation; uses existing practices and available resources to help solve problems; works to solve problems promptly, even with limited facts and resources; works systematically and logically to resolve problems.
    Provides regular feedback about performance results and problems using effective communication skills; recognizes and rewards positive contributions to Shands and positive changes in behavior; gives focused and constructive feedback and guidance to others to assist in reaching their goals in a manner that maintains self-esteem; makes available appropriate assignments, formal training or other experiences to foster learning and development; learns what motivates particular individuals and modifies own behavior to enhance others’ performance:
    Employee demonstrates enthusiastic attitude toward his/her job responsibilities.