Please review our general membership fees and Medical Fitness membership fees below:

General Fitness Rates/Reward Membership

membership rewards price (12 or more visits) 0-11 Visits uf health employee incentive (Payroll deduction & 12 visits/month) limitations
1 Year (Limited Hours*) $9.99/month $45/month FREE Hours: M-F 11 am-3pm, 7-9pm; Saturday 7 am-1pm
1 Year (Unlimited Hours*) $19.99/month $45/month $9.99/month

General Fitness Rates/Non-Reward Membership

Month-to-Month $40/month
10 Pack/Punch Card $55
  • A one-time initiation fee of $50 is required on all memberships except the 10 Pack/Punch Card. Initiation fee includes orientation and baseline measurements.
  • Rewards memberships require a 12-month contract. An early termination fee of $100 applies if contract is cancelled before membership term date. A dated and signed cancellation form is required from the member who wants to cancel.
  • Less than 12 visits, member is billed at the normal rate of $45/month (1 visit day is recorded toward a 12 visit requirement).

Medical Fitness (Appointment-Based) Rates

appointments price limitations
12 Appts./month $75 Appts. must be completed within 1 month of start date (1 calendar month from sign-up date)
Unlimited/month $85 1 calendar month from sign-up date
Unlimited/3 months $237 ($79/month) 3 calendar months from sign-up date
10 Pack $100 Appts. must be completed within 6 months of start date

Additional Services

  • Fitness Classes: $34.99/month
  • RMR Testing: $35

Membership Freezes: (1 month minimum) Memberships can be frozen for $10/month for every month frozen. No charge for a medical freeze (must present doctor’s note). The number of months frozen will be added to the end of the membership once it has been unfrozen.