Is Medical Fitness for You?

Published: June 14th, 2012

Category: Features, Medical Fitness

FitnessCenterEquipmentWhat is medical fitness? Medical fitness is part of the global health continuum of care. We want to look at your health all the way through your life. We look at medical fitness from a variety of ways.

  • Medical fitness revolves around safe medically based exercises designed to improve strength and fitness. 
  • Medical fitness is usually supervised by experienced certified athletic trainer and/or exercise physiologist.
  • Often, medical fitness bridges the return to general wellness after completion of a structured physical rehab program, however, it can also be used to optimize results for injury-free individuals as well.

At the UF Health Fitness and Wellness Center we offer a comprehensive medical fitness programs for just $75 a month. If you would like to find out if medical fitness is right for you, call 352.733.0834 today.

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